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 This is our beautiful  Bully male Bulls of Crown,s Vladimir the Undertaker (Import Russia)s

Undertaker is a beautifully well built bully male and is bred by Mariyka Borisko (Breeder and veterinarian)
The mother of Vladimir the Undertaker is Bella Ayris Del Amur "Junior and Adult Champion of Russia (RKF/FCI)"

2 times Champion (RKF)

Father of Vladimir the Undertaker is Bulls of crown's Aureley Augustin "Junior and Adult Champion of Russia (RKF/FCI)"

1 times Champion (RKF)

Candidate for club Champion

Tatarstan Champion

The grandfather of Undertaker is the famous big heavy male "Bulls of Crown's Orlando of OSB"

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2 times in his pedigree the famous male "Bulls of Crown's Doughboy of Freestyle"

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Undertaker is a Friendly male with a great character and a real show dog, we hope to start with shows fall 2017.

Hip dysplasia(HD): A/B

Elbow Dysplasia(ED): Free

Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis(NCL): Free

Ichthyosis: Free

Spondylosis : Free

DNA certificate: yes

Pedigrees: RKF/FCI

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