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This was our World famous extreme and spectaculair bully rednose stud Bulls of Crown,s Doughboy of Freestyle(USA import)

Doughboy was around the 48 Kilo(105 LBS) & 65 CM high(25.5 Inch)!

Doughboy comes from a single combination. Father “Freestyle,s Bushwick Red rum” Mother “Freestyle Sassy Stronge”  He was a realy ,very nice exremly bully dog, perfect conformation, he had full pigment(eyes, nose, lips)beautyfull bully head, super character!!!

Doughboy was a very big boned  bully dog, you must see him in real live!!!

We were glad that he was ours , so we were proud to be the owners of this super stud!!!

In the past we have had an offer for Doughboy of 15000 Euros and because we said no the offer was raised to 17000 Euros.

Doughboy is bred by Scott L. Amos, Sr.{Scott-Free} Free-Style (USA)

Doughboy become 8 years old this year... R.I.P....

RIP Doughboy will always remain legendary and live through in his offspring......

Hip dysplasia(HD): B/OFA fair

Elbow Dysplasia(ED): Not tested(because of accident)   

Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis(NCL): Free

Ichthyosis: not tested

DNA certificate: yes

Pedigree: NKC, ARFE                                                                                            


R.I.P Bulls of Crown,s Doughboy of Freestyle