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RIP Bulls of Crown,s Grave Digger was our 2nd generation own bred bully male. Champion and Multi Best in Show winner & first multi winner at home and abroad (2x his grandfather: our world famous R.I.P Bulls of Crown Doughboy of Freestyle (USA import) Grave Digger was a top show dog, perfect conformation, good bite, full pigmentation (eyes, nose, lips) beautiful bully head, very muscular, super character, He has proven himself on all fronts. He would soon be in the United Kingdom be presented. Grave Digger is in the picture 3.5 years old and about 55 kg & 67 cm high!

But Greefje as we called him, was taken away from us and is deceased at 3.5 years of age due to Babesiosis (tick fever) (bite of an infected tick)

You were my big little baby ... I miss you so much ... I have so much grief ... my heart burns ... Grave you were so special ... we had such a close relationship, it's so empty without you! You were everything to me!!! Why you!!!!!!!!!!!

I,m very glad that we have frozen semen  from  you my beautiful  bully boy “Greefje” !!!


Hip dysplasia(HD): B/OFA fair                                        
Elbow Dysplasia(ED): Free
Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis(NCL): Free

Ichthyosis: Free

DNA certificate: Yes

Pedigrees: NKC, ARFE, ARF

Dog school: Grave Digger have his puppy diploma

***Multi Champion & Multi Best in Show winner & Multi first Place winner at home and abroad***

      R.I.P "Bulls of Crown's Grave Digger" (double Doughboy)

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