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John D. Johnson (founder of the American Bulldog)

IN REMEMBRANCE OF Mr. John D. Johnson 1924 – 2008 “The Father of the American Bulldog”

John D. Johnson Interview:
Well, it is very rare to get that much color and not typical for an American Bulldog. An American Bulldog is supposed to have a good deal of white. If you get a really good colored American Bulldog in every way, then you should breed it to a dog with less color. You can work it forward and backward, just like your size o...r just like you do your head, if your dogs get ...to small you breed to your bigger ones, if you get to much color breed them to white ones. But I've never seen that much color on a pure American Bulldog. If they have a lot of color they usually have mainly white on the head some white on the neck and chest, white on all four legs and belly and white on end of their tail.