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Bulls of Crown,s Dirty Bee

This is our beautiful Bully female Bulls of Crown,s Dirty Bee.

Dirty Bee is a beautifully well built bully and is born at us.

Her parents are Bulls of Crown,s Zombie (HD/ED/NCL//Ichthyosis free)) and Bulls of Crown,s Grave Digger Junior (HD/ED/NCL//Ichthyosis free)

Dirty Bee has a super character and a lot of drive!

She have also a super conformation, and she doing very well on shows!

She has also a very good respiratory! And a lot of energy, she is always playing and running.


Hip dysplasia (HD): Free

Elbow dysplasia (ED): Free

Canine ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): Free

Ichthyosis: Free

Spondylosis : Free

DNA certificate: Yes


Pedigrees: Yes

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