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We have been breeding French bulldogs since 2006 with a solid goal "HEALTH"!!!

The percentages of hereditary defects on French Bulldogs has increased drastically over the years. Less noticable for the regular person is that the vitality has gone downhill as well.

We have started doing tests for hereditary defects on our 2nd French Bulldog (back X-rays included), but we have greatly expanded our tests.

All our French Bulldogs are tested on hereditary (screening specialist) and genetic defects (DNA cheek swab test) before we breed with them, and also they are all in posession of a DNA certificate!

The goal is breeding toward Frencch Bulldogs with a longer back and a slightly longer snout, a clear nose with open Nostrils and good breathing. (It still has to remain a French Bulldog)

More information can be found on hereditary defects, which are described in detail per item.

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Bulls of Crown Enchilada a.k.a Yara en Bulls of Crown Ethen a.k.a Marley, both bred by us and sold as pup to 2 breeders who breed purely toward health who we completely support! These are good examples of healthy French Bulldogs!

Yara lives at Hawbucks Kennel, and Marley at Van De Loveboat Kennel

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