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This is our own bred bully female Forza (fawn).

For us, Forza's head and nose are too short, but because her mother has got a long nose we will combine her with males with longer noses. Forza's body is luckily not extremely short, she's got on that note a lot from her mother. Her breathing is also good, she still runs around happily at 40 degrees (Celcius). But because her father does not have great breathing (which the owner lied about, and said that the male was just too fat), we will only combine her with a male with excelent breathing.

Beside that, Forza is a perfectly healthy dog, and she can do anything! Her parents are "Pajero Kron Vekar (import Ukrain)" and our own female "Bulls of Cworn Chaya (NL)"

Forza has got a lot of energy, great airways, and is always running and playing.

***Health results of Bulls of Crown's Forza***

She is also In possession of MyDogDNA profile: CLICK HERE

She is fully tested with 16 months old (including X-rays of her back, knees, elbows & hips):

(Tested in Animal Hospital Túri Állatkórház (Hungary)

X-rays and written health results are always available for puppy buyers!

Heart: good

Breathing: (costo-abdominal) good

Elongated soft palate: slightly

Thickened soft palte: no

Enlarged tonsoils: no

Narrow trachea(trachea hypoplasin) no

Trachea size: 10.3 millimeter

Larynx: normal

Respiratory murmur: no

Nostrils: moderate

Skin and coat: good

Ear canal: good

Eyes: entriopion & ectropion: free

Third eyelid & Cherry-eye: free

Lacrmation: good

Luxating Patella (joints): free

Subluxatie (hip joint) A/B

Tail: pintail: good

Construction and whirling column: good

Spondylosis: free

Thoracic vertebrae: 4 present

lumbar vertebrae: free

Spine-pelvis transition: free

Tail vertebrae: free

Degeneratieve myelopatie (DM) Free

Cystinurie type 3 Free

HC-HSF4 Hereditary Cataract: Free

MyDogDNA profiel:

Cone-rod dystrophy 1 (cord1-PRA): Free

CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Carrier

HUU Hyperuricosuria: Free

MH Malignant Hyperthermia: Free

191 additional disease mutations found in other breeds were also tested. No findings for this dog.

Dilution: D / D

Weight: good

DNA certificate: yes

Color Genetics:

E Locus: Em/Em

K Locus: Ky/Ky

A Locus: Ay/Ay

S Locus: S/S

D Locus: D/D