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SINDS 2006


This is our own bred bully female Bulls of Crown's Inca (red / fawn) Inca has a beautiful built of a healthy French Bulldog. Inca is a wonderful cheerful Frenchie and we are very curious how she will develop in the future.

Her parents are our male Lanzilo or You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI (Taiwan import) and our female Bulls of Crown's Chaya (NL)

She will be fully tested with 14 months old (including X-rays of her back, knees, elbows & hips):

(Tested in Animal Hospital Túri Állatkórház (Hungary)

Soon she will be in possession of a of MyDogDNA profile (we wait for the results)

X-rays and written health results are always available for puppy buyers!


Breathing: (costo-abdominal)

Elongated soft palate:

Thickened soft palte:

Enlarged tonsoils:

Narrow trachea(trachea hypoplasin)

Trachea size:   millimeter


Respiratory murmur:


Skin and coat:

Ear canal:

Eyes: entriopion & ectropion:

Third eyelid & Cherry-eye:


Luxating Patella (joints):

Subluxatie (hip joint)

Tail: pintail:

Construction and whirling column:


Thoracic vertebrae:

lumbar vertebrae:

Spine-pelvis transition:

Tail vertebrae:

Weight: good

DNA certificate:

Degeneratieve myelopatie (DM):

Cystinurie type 3:

HC-HSF4 Erfelijke Cataract:

MyDogDNA profile:

CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy:

HUU Hyperuricosuria:

MH Malignant Hyperthermia:


Color Genetics:

E Locus:

K Locus:

A Locus:

S Locus:

D Locus:

               BULLS OF CROWN INCA