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                                             Reserving Pups

We have a fixed price for our pups, and we do NOT negociate with that!!!

We don't sell on installment either! (A dog is a living being, and not an object!!!)

We all sell the puppies for the same price 1850 Euro regardless of which country they go to! Breeding is and remains a hobby and we hope to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents !!!

We don't sell our puppies in Hungary!

Our puppies are usually sold before they are born. If a puppy is not sold, it will stay here until we've found the right person. We do NOT sell the pups to simply everyone!

We really care for our pups and we make sure that they don't end up in the wrong hands!!!

Are you looking for a dog for breeding purposes, then it's best to buy a pup from an experienced breeder who has been breeding for years and thoroughly knows the breed. They know their bloodlines (or a big part of the bloodlines) and can tell you all about it.

Only buy your dogs from breeders who test for genetic and hereditary disorders, like those listed on our websites.

We have all health results of our dogs from a specialist on paper and of course you can get a copy of these results. (This is very important if you are going to breed)

The brand that we feed our adult dogs with is called Canun (supremus) and is of super quality and is imported from Spain. It consists of natural antioxidants, and only natural components.

-Healthy Heart

-Good Digestion

-Strong Bones

-Healthy Coat

Our dogs also get extra oil (omega 3&6), extra glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, collagen and vitamin C.

Also they get plenty of exercise, a lot of love and attention. We have so much space, it's a paradise for every dog here...


Our pups grow up in the homely circle (optimal sociolization) and we have a lot of space outside where they can play.

We work with a waiting list so if you are interested in one of our litters you can get yourself placed on a waiting ist.


We ask ,when the pups are 2 weeks old, a reservation fee of €200!

Only after the full payment, will your reservation be definitive.

***There will no refund of the reservation fee***


We live in Hungary and if you would like to see how we live, and see the dogs and pups in real life than we offer you the following:

*** One night in a luxury spa hotel including breakfast for 2 persons ***

***And in the evening we take you out to dinner in a cozy Hungarian restaurant***

IMPORTANT: That you have reserved the puppy with 2 weeks old and the deposit is in!!!

Also we are very much looking forward to meet you and show our dogs!

Bulls of Crown's kennel

A hobby that has arisen out of love for the beautiful happy breed! (clown among the dog breeds)


                                                       Real love ♥ ♥ ♥