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SINDS 2006


This was our import female Kingsblood Tétisz (import Hungary)
Tétisz was a beautyfull very strong short built female , super in conformation with a excellent soc ial character

We had with Tetisz beautyfull plans, we had bought her as a bred and show dog but…

Read the sad story of Tétisz here below…

Because of the death of our bitch R.I.P Banette where we had a lot of grief, we did not want a French Bulldog anymore. Read the Banette story here …

But because our male Titan languished because he missed her so much and did not want to play and eat anymore and therefore visibly emaciated we decided that he should have a new girlfriend as soon as possible.

In the meantime we also knew what Banette had and that it was hereditary and we were very afraid to have something like that again.

A so-called "friendly" American Bulldog breeder who knew a very good and well built French Bulldog puppy (bitch) from a breeder in Hungary and that's how Tétisz came into our lives.

Tétisz came with medication because she had a little cold, which can always happen.

She played little and outside she was always cold, so we bought a light blue jacket for her.

We went to the vet again because the medication did not attack and then we got new medicines after various tests.

At the given moment she got so stuffy that she was put in the oxygen bin at the vet.

And that helped 2 days and then it started again and again she is put in the oxygen bin.

For a moment it went well until we found her stuffy in the bench at night and we went straight to the vet again.

She is put back into the oxygen box that we also received home.

It went well for a while and she became a bit more playful and a short walk went well too, so we thought she would come all the way.

The oxygen bin was now back to the vet and the common cold was also about the fact that heavy breathing remained.

Around a year it got worse, She got it ever more oppressive ... it was really awful to see ...

We immediately cooled her in lukewarm water and then she came back again.

We decided to let her come in for a day and drive to a veterinary clinic the next day (French Bulldog specialist)

She looked a lot better the next day and I took her in the car in the front of her lap.

But suddenly she was crazy, she started coughing, gagging and finally she fainted and was blue/ purple and we can’t stopping because it was so hot outside so the only thing was driving like crazy. (there was no life left in)

When i arrived in Sleeuwijk, i run inside and immediately they take her over and put her in a roomon the table with cool elements all over her and pure alcohol poured over her and she got stings.

(I do not know exactly anymore). She had 42 degrees fever.

It has taken a while and a miracle happened, she came back to life. I just cried ... she saved it ...

When she had done well, they took her for examinations.

The result was a serious form of BOS and her back (spine) was so bad, it looked like a wave pool!!! ((we had never seen this before)

They could not operate her right away because she first had to strengthen. She received pretnison for 10 days and then she will be operated on her nose and throat immediately.

At home the 10 days went very well and we were looking forward to the operation! We also indicated that she needed to be sterilized immediately.

During the operation they have enlarged her nose and because only the shortening of her too long soft palate was not enough they have removed everything from her throat.

At home it went fine, we have been back for control and it looked positive.

Pfff finally could enjoy each other, no more stress, no longer afraid to leave.

But a few months later I went away for 10 minutes and I come back and Tétisz is completely blue purple! I immediately cooled her under the lukewarm faucet and only cried from the excitement. This can not be true!

Even when she joined the days after, she kept it stuffy. It was terrible to see and we decided to let her sleep the next day.

The next morning we came downstairs and she was paralyzed to her neck, she was covered with excrement.

I washed her with shampoo and put it in a bowl with a soft cloth with a pillow under her head.

You can fill in the rest yourself ... you do not want to participate and other people / animals do not ...

Tétisz has become two years old and we miss her so much, the pain is terrible, R.I.P our little girl!!!