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All forbidden colors are rare and therefore worth to earn more money!!. They are not allowed to have a good reason and rare because reputable breeders will not produce them.

Below are the colors NOT allowed and the reason why:


Liver, sometimes called Chocolate-- Produces yellow eyed dogs which can cause early blindness and juvenile cataracts.


Black and Tan- TOO Dominate a color combination. If allowed to be bred it will overtake all colors and eliminate every other color from the breed.


BLUE/MOUSE is not allowed-produces yellow or green eyed dogs which can develop blindness.  The Blue/Mouse color produces dogs with Follicular dysplasia -gradual hair loss starting as young age causing dry scaly skin susceptible to bacterial infections. No cure and condition becomes increasingly worse.  Blue should not be registered as Fawn on AKC registration and is rare because breeders should NOT try to breed it. Just because your BLUE puppy with yellow eyes can see now and has good skin doesn't mean it won't loose its sight and develop allergy skin problems later.


Below are the colors NOT allowed and the reason why: