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This is our import male "Lanzilo of You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI"(Red/Fawn) (import Taiwan) Parents: FCI CH/CH.KCT “Bruce of You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI"& “CH. Ansa of You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro kennel”

Shows of his father: Bruce of Ji Chin FCI:

The KCT headquarters Fair, PUPPY group BOB

The KCT Taiwan Canine Association BABY BIS

The KCT Tainan Xuquan Exhibition Competition General Assembly BABY BOB)

The KCT Jhubei Stadium BABY BOB

The PUPPY GROUP2 of KCT Longtan Fair Competition

The KCT Taiwan Canine Association Miaoli International dog show A field BOB B field BOB PUPPY R-KING

KCT Tainan International Pet Competition (headquarters exhibition) OPEN Bob

The KCT Miaoli Dome Gym dog show, game, field B OPEN BOB

Shows of his mother: ANSA OF YOU-CHUAN FRENCH BULL DOG PRO KENNEL: Champion. Splendid show lines and very unique!

Lanzilo is superb very wel built young male with a correct position of the ears, super conformation, good nose and muzzle, wide jaws, good tail, nice wide chest and excellent bloodlines Also is Lanzilo a male with much energy and has total no breathing problems! Lanzilo is a real profit for our kennel qua type and beautifull color! We are very glad to have him in our kennel and we expect a lot of this young boy in the future! He loves everything also males/females, other animals and of course people and children!

***Health results of Lanzilo of You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI**

He is fully tested with 14 months old (including X-rays of his back):

(Tested in Animal clinic Sleeuwijk (Netherlands)

X-rays and written health results are always available for puppy buyers!

He is also In possession of MyDogDNA profile:  CLICK HERE

Heart: good

Breathing: good

Respiratory murmur: no

Nostrils: large

Skin and coat: goed

Ear canal: good

Eyes: entriopion & ectropion: free

Third eyelid & Cherry-eye: free

Luxating Patella (joints): free

Subluxatie (hip joint) free

Tail: pintail: good

Construction and whirling colum: good

Spondylosis: free

Thoracic vertebrae: free

lumbar vertebrae: free

Spine-pelvis transition: free

Weight: good

DNA certificate: yes

He is also In possession of MyDogDNA profile: Klick here

Degeneratieve myelopatie (DM): Free

Cystinurie type 3: Carrier

HC-HSF4 Erfelijke Cataract:: Free

MyDogDNA profile:

CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Carrier

HUU Hyperuricosuria: Free

MH Malignant Hyperthermia: Free

cord1-PRA: Free

191 additional disease mutations found in other breeds were also tested. No findings for this dog.

Delution: D / D

Weight: Good

DNA certificate: Yes

Color Genetics:

E Locus: Em/Em

K Locus: Ky/Ky

A Locus: Ay/Ay

S Locus: S/S

D Locus: D/D